Garage Door Holiday Decorating

It’s that time of year when people begin planning out their holiday decorating for the interior and exterior of their house.  The most popular exterior holiday decorations, hands down, are lights.  They look great and are fairly easy to put out.  Most people will decorate with lights and call it a day, but have you ever considered taking your decorations to the next level with garage door art?  Think of your garage door as a blank canvas waiting to be beautified!  There are a variety of ways you can decorate your garage door for the holidays that range from easy and inexpensive to more elaborate.  Discover what they are in the article below!


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One of the most sadly neglected areas of the exterior of your house is the garage door.  Imagine strangers driving around looking at holiday decorations and checking out all the bare garage doors and suddenly they come across the stunning festive display covering your garage doors!

You don’t have to go over the top in decorating, just a few simple touches can be enough to make your house really stand apart in a wonderful way!
Here are some ideas as to how you can “Wow” your neighbours by decorating your garage doors and improving your curb appeal over the holiday season!

1) The easiest trick is to simply place a wreath in the middle of the garage door just as you would your front door.  You may want to find or make a much larger one for this purpose though.

2) A large bow ribbon taped to the centre of the garage door with the ends radiating out towards the side of the door is also a nice look.

3)  If you have the ability to string lights and garland around your garage you can really make it stand out in a tasteful way!  Just frame the outside of the garage door with white or coloured lights, garland, or better yet a combination of the two

4)  Garage Door Magnets in Holiday Styles can be purchased at many retailers as well as online through Amazon.  There are many holiday-themed murals out there that come on a giant magnet that can be applied to your garage door

5)  Holiday themed Garage Door Murals are made ready to hang and are easy to simply take down and roll up for use year after year.



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