Benefits of the STEELHOUSE™ Carriage House Door

The STEELHOUSE™ Carriage House Door will have an immediate impact on the curb appeal of any home. The available designs of the STEELHOUSE™ Door brings the traditional look and design of the old style wood carriage door without the problems that were once associated with the older wood door. At half the cost, half the weight, and with a maintenance free exterior, you cannot make a better investment in your home’s exterior appearance.

Complete the look of your new STEELHOUSE™ Carriage House Garage Door with the color and style of WoodTones. Get the look of a solid wood door with the maintenance-free durability and strength of steel. The natural beauty and warmth of wood will give your home greater curb appeal and value.

The Only Door With All Steel Insulated Overlay Boards. The original STEELHOUSE® door is an innovative, all-steel carriage door, manufactured entirely of steel. The STEELHOUSE® garage doors have two-sided steel insulated facing boards that are textured, roll formed and laminated to steel backers and then mechanically fastened and bonded to a 23 gauge steel section. A Reinforced Integral Truss System (RITSTM) gives the STEELHOUSE® doors strength and rigidity that is unmatched by similar products. In addition to their distinctive style and curb appeal, the STEELHOUSE® doors are half the weight and cost of most wooden doors. Virtually maintenance-free, the STEELHOUSE® doors will not warp, crack, or split. Quite simply, it doesn’t get better than that.

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