Wifi-Connected Garage Doors

Remember the days when you had to pull your garage door open and closed using brute strength? Those days are over, thankfully. In our modern era, we know have electric garage door openers, but we’ve taken this to the next level with Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers, otherwise known as smart garage door openers. These neat devices unlock numerous features and benefits that add safety and convenience to your home. Read on to learn more about Wi-Fi garage door openers and all they can do for you, your home, and your family.

Open and Close Your Garage Door No Matter Where You’re Located

Traveling across town or across the sea? No matter where you are in this big world, you can still open and close your garage door at will with a Wi-Fi connection. Picture this: You’re on vacation in the Caribbean, sitting on the beach and sipping a cocktail when you suddenly turn to your spouse and say, ‘Did we remember to close the garage door?’. Not a problem. Just grab your garage door opener and hit close and then get back to the beach.

Sometimes you forget your keys and you’re Wi-Fi enabled garage door opener turns into that spare set. And then there are the times when you need to let a serviceman into your home, but you can’t be there. Viola! Simply open the garage door using your remote. This provides easy and convenient access for all types of service needs when you can’t be on the premises.

Get Push Notifications

How does monitoring access to your home when you’re not there sound? Pretty incredible, doesn’t it? Well, your new Wi-Fi garage door does that for you by sending you push notifications whenever your garage door opens or closes. Keep a close eye on when the kids are coming and going, especially to and from school, and have peace of mind when you’re out of town for work or vacation by knowing that your garage door is safely secured, and if it were to open, you’d know about it immediately.  Have a plan in case this happens, such as alerting your neighbors, the police, or your security alarm company.

In-Garage Delivery from Amazon

Key by Amazon is a new service in select cities that offers in-garage delivery to select Prime members. With this Amazon service, you can have items delivered safely and securely to your garage. All you need is to sync your myQ® account with the key app. Once you do this, your Amazon packages will be delivered via your Wi-Fi garage door opener. Never risk having a package stolen again!

Put Garage Lights on a Schedule

Having proper indoor and outdoor lighting is vital to avoid burglary. Good lighting also provides for safety at night when you’re arriving at home in the dark. With your Wi-Fi garage door opener, you can easily schedule garage lights to turn on and off. This is especially helpful when traveling or when you are arriving later than expected.

Lincoln Electric Garage Door is a Tempe, Arizona family owned company operating since 1967. We provide a wide range of garage door services, including garage door repair, installation of new garage doors, and Wi-Fi garage doors, and commercial door repair and installation. If you’re interested in learning more about a Wi-Fi enabled garage door, give us a call. We’ll answer all your questions and help you get this really cool feature set up for added safety and convenience for you home and family. Call us today at 602-955-4144 to learn more and schedule and appointment with one of our friendly technicians.

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