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How to Choose the Best Garage Door For You

When picking out a garage door, it’s wise to know the different materials. This way, you can pick the best one for your needs. Here’s a short outline of what each material is and how it compares to others.


Wood is an old-time classic and traditional. You can find them in many appealing styles. Some even come with decorative windows. A cost-effective option is a painted wood door with hardboard panels. Stain-grade styles cost more but offer the beauty of natural wood. Plus, the look of natural woods gives the home curb appeal. Wood is a very good insulator but needs to be refinished and maintained on a regular basis.

Wood Composite

Wood composite doors are fabricated with recycled wood fibers. You get the look and texture of real wood. In comparison to wood garage doors, composite doors are great when it comes to splitting and rot. These doors can be either stained or painted.


Steel is a common material for garage doors. There are many benefits to a steel garage door, including low maintenance, reasonably priced, very durable and a variety of styles. Steel is available in a texture that looks just like wood, and steel doors can also be painted any color you like. It’s best to go with a steel door that has at least 24 gauge. That’s a top-quality steel garage door. Just keep in mind that steel doors are not the best insulators and don’t withstand impact like that of a basketball.


Fiberglass garage doors are less popular than those made of wood or steel. The panels are encased in aluminum frames. Fiberglass garage doors can be painted and are somewhat resistant to dents. It’s very resistant to salt-water corrosion than most of the other garage door materials. So, if you live on the coast, fiberglass garage doors just may be the best choice for you. Just know that it is a poor insulator and can fade with weather exposure.


Aluminum garage doors are a lot like steel garage doors. But, they’re lighter and less expensive. You can find them with long-lasting finishes and optional faux wood texturing. The downside is that aluminum garage doors are more likely to dent than other materials.

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