Tips to Keep Your Garage Cool in Summertime

Summer is in full swing, which means your home’s cooling system is working overtime to keep you and your family feeling comfortable indoors as the temps soar outside.

But it’s not just your home that needs cooling, your garage does, too. It can get hot in your garage if it lacks the proper ventilation, and that means your car’s interior gets hotter, too.

Don’t neglect cooling your garage in the summer months. Instead, follow these summer garage cooling tips below.

Get the air moving. Ventilate the garage by simply opening the garage door about a foot from the ground.

Add insulation. You can find garage door insulation kits at your local home improvement store. We recommend insulating the garage door, or the ceiling, to absorb the sun’s rays to help keep the garage cooler (and warmer in the winter).

Park a hot car outside. Keep your car out of the garage while it cools. We recommend waiting until the sun goes down to drive it into the garage. Parking a hot car in the garage adds a few extra degrees to the garage interior.

Be strategic about when you use the garage. We love it when we hear our customers use their garage as another room in their home, but in the summer, without proper cooling or ventilation, the garage can be a dangerous place.

If you work out, relax, or use the garage for hobbies, please do it cautiously between the hours of 3-6 p.m. that’s when your garage is likely to be the warmest.

Invest in a fan. This is one of the least expensive and quickest way to get air moving in your garage (but it won’t lower the temperature much). Simply place an oscillating fan on the floor of the garage to get the air moving. You can also use a box fan, install a ceiling fan, or use a commercial-grade fan.

Consider placing a fan in a garage window and face it outwards to move the hot air to the outside.

Get a lighter color garage door. The lighter the door’s color, the more it will reflect the heat. You could also paint the walls and roof of your garage (if it’s free-standing) a lighter color, too. Talk to someone on the team at All Island about this – we can help you choose the best paint for the job. And find the perfect replacement garage door for your home.

Air condition your garage. This is the most costly tip on this list, but certainly would get the job done. If your budget allows, you could invest in central air for your garage, or install a window unit. You could also use a portable air conditioner. Note: you’ll need to have your garage insulated if you’re going this route. Don’t waste your money!

Need help cooling your garage? We’re here to help. Contact our team today and let us help you enjoy your summer a little more!

Survive The Summer Heat With These Garage Door Tips

Why take chances with the summer heat affecting your garage door? Summertime puts conditions in play that can affect your garage door system’s performance. As one of the most important appliances in your home, it’s a smart call to be attentive to your garage door opener and garage door during summer months. With the impact the temperatures have, most garage door systems benefit from summertime garage door tune-ups.

Here are some simple things you can do yourself to maintain the performance of your garage to deal with higher temperatures:

Routinely Inspect the Hardware

One initial step that you can take on your garage door summer maintenance project is to inspect the hardware for any wear and tear that may have occurred over the year. Simply look over all of the visible parts to see if any hinges look loose. Also be sure to check if track seems to be misaligned and if bolts look to be missing. Tighten all visible bolts and replace anything that might be missing. This simple step can make sure your garage door is able to open and close smoothly and without interruption.

Keep The Hardware Lubricated

One of the easiest ways to keep your garage door running smoothly throughout the summer if to lubricate all of the hardware. Ensuring that hardware is lubricated will eliminate loud noises and screeches while opening and closing. Lubricate all hardware and parts of the door with a 3 in 1 type of oil. You should never use grease when lubricating your garage door.

Keep Your Door Clean

Simply washing the door will remove dirt, grease, and grime that has built up over time. Water and a mild household detergent can be used to clean the surface of steel and aluminum doors with ease.

Not only is garage door insulation beneficial during the winter months, but can also be extremely helpful during the winter. Keep out the heat and the air conditioning in by making sure your garage door is properly insulated. This can also help to keep out the heat in living spaces that may be located directly above the garage.

Check For Damage From Weather

Make sure there are no holes or openings in your garage door and that it is reinforced properly to keep your house safe from additional harm and damage during storms.

Routinely Test Your Garage Door

One of the easiest maintenance tests that can be done during any time of the year is to simply test out the garage door. Open and close the door to ensure that it is working properly and that nothing seems to be out of place and to ensure that it is not making any strange noises.

The best way to maintain your garage door for years to come is to schedule a seasonal tune-up with a certified professional. Our technicians can identify hard to catch problems before they arise to keep your garage running smoothly all year long.

Schedule a summer tu

Tips to Get Your Garage Ready for Summer

Getting your garage ready for the Tempe, AZ summer can make a world of difference in how comfortable your garage remains throughout the summer months and your personal enjoyment of this often forgotten space in your home. These are some things you can do to get your garage ready for the warm summer sun.

Insulate Garage Doors and Walls

Not only can this help your garage remain cooler in the summer, it can also keep it, and the items stored inside your garage, warmer in the winter. It is a great way to extend the life cycle of items kept in your garage and serves to protect your home from hot air that would otherwise stream into your home every time you open a door from your home into your garage.

Deep Clean Your Garage

This isn’t about making sure it is organized and uncluttered. Well, it isn’t ONLY about making sure it is organized and uncluttered. It is also about getting rid of outdated and potentially hazardous items stored in your garage. Between last summer and now, interests and hobbies have changed, supplies and equipment have gone out of date, and other items are no longer needed. This is the perfect excuse to clear out the old, make room for the new, and improve the safety of your garage all around.

Carefully Inspect Your Garage Door

Summer heat can do a real number on the integrity of your garage door. Not only can it become warped or damaged as a result of the heat bearing down, it can also lose lubrication. More importantly, especially if you have children or there are children in your neighborhood, you need to double check the safety features of your garage door to make sure they are operating efficiently.

Make Essential Repairs

Whether it is broken windows, chipped garage floors, pulleys, levers, or whatever, now is the ideal time to make garage door repairs so that it will continue to operate at greater efficiency throughout the year ahead. The extra hours of daylight give you added time to make the repairs, even after a long day at work, and you don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures slowing you down.

Install a Garage Exhaust Fan

Whether you plan to spend a lot of time working in your garage during the months ahead or you’re simply looking for ways to improve energy efficiency for your entire home, a garage exhaust fan can help clear the air in your garage and keep the temperatures more comfortable year round.

Little changes can make a huge difference in the comfort and safety of your garage. Now, as summer swings into focus, is a great time to make these changes for your garage. So, when it comes to repairing your garage door, you want to make sure you work with a licensed garage door service company. Always seek the advice of a Tempe garage door repair expert if you have a garage door question or problem.

Things To Think Of When You’re Buying a New Garage Door

Whether you’re building an entirely new garage or just need to replace an old garage door, it’s important that you take some time to decide exactly what you’re looking for in a door. A garage door is a major purchase, and it’s definitely not a “one size fits all” type of situation.

Here are some things you’ll want to think about before you start shopping!

How big is the opening space?

This is arguably one of the most important things of all to consider. The exact measurements can be done by professionals, but you’ll want to have at least some idea of the dimensions (height and width of the opening, space between the door and the ceiling, etc.) you’re working with. Knowing these things ahead of time will also help you to both create and stick to a budget.

Do you want the door to match your home’s exterior?

In most cases, homeowners want their garage door to coordinate with their home’s overall exterior style. Even if you come across a great-looking door while shopping, it might not be the garage door for you if it clashes with the rest of your house. Consider taking some photos of both your garage and your home as a whole prior to shopping. Have them on hand for whenever you see a door you like.

What kind of material would you like the door to be made of?

There are so many options these days for garage doors, but in general, the main materials you’ll see are steel (can be painted just about any color with a variety of finishes), aluminum (lightweight and easier to use with window designs), wood (beautiful curbside appeal), fiberglass (great for paneling and window designs) and composite (a blend of materials for durability). Each of these materials comes with their own cons in addition to pros. For example, wood is beautiful but often harder to upkeep, while aluminum dents easier than others but is also often easier to repair. At Tempe Garage Door Repair, we’re happy to answer your questions about any material to help you figure out what is best for you and your home.

Do you want insulation?

Some people choose to insulate their garage doors while others do not. Insulation provides both sound and temperature control for the garage, and this can be important to a lot of people if they intend to use their garage for purposes other than just parking their vehicle. Others simply do not have any need for insulation, although in hot places like Arizona, it can be a great decision for helping to keep the rest of your home cool.

Do you want the latest technology?

Garage doors have come so far since the old days of manually rolling them up and down! Not only are the vast majority of doors automatic with the push of a button, but many can also be linked to smartphones so you can open and shut them from anywhere. It’s also a great idea to have a code or sensor pad outside so you can let yourself in from the outside (with or without your phone). You may also want a door that is linked to lights in the garage so you’re not left in the dark when you arrive or leave.

Have more questions? At Tempe Garage Door Repair, we’re happy to help! Contact us today.

3 Times to Repair and 3 Times to Replace Your Garage Door

Your garage door is an extremely important feature of your home. A properly working one keeps your valuables protected, provides entry and exit and can even help keep your home cool in that hot Arizona weather. If your garage door isn’t working as it should, however, things can become frustrating very quickly. You may start wondering if you need to replace the door entirely. Nevertheless, sometimes all it needs is a simple repair.

Here are three times to repair and three times to replace your garage door.

Three times to repair your garage door

1. The door breaks down suddenly – It can be extremely frustrating when your garage door just suddenly stops working one day, but the good news is that this usually means you are in for a fairly simple fix. Sometimes it is something as simple as the batteries being replaced, and other times it is usually just an isolated problem that can be easily identified by a professional and fixed the same day.

2. The panels are damaged – Do you see panels that are visibly damaged? In most cases, these panels can just be removed and replaced or even directly repaired. There is no need to replace the whole door in the process.

3. One side appears to sag – Is one side lower than the other? Just like the tires on your car, your garage door needs to be regularly checked for alignment and balance. This is a fairly simple procedure that the pros at Tempe Garage Door Repair can easily handle.

Three times to replace your garage door

1. It never seems to work right – If the problems are ongoing, there is likely something fundamentally wrong with your garage door either in its installation or design. Other times this is just an indicator of it being really old and needing a full replacement. Either way, you are looking at a new garage door.

2. The door is generally unsafe – All modern garage doors should have an automatic stop feature that prevents them from closing on a car or a person. Likewise, the door should be be able to be opened without a code or key from the outside. Any door that is lacking in these safety areas should be swiftly replace to prevent future problems.

3. There is extensive, catastrophic damage – You’ll usually know this kind of damage when you see it. If a garage door is irreversibly damaged as the result of a car driving into it or some other highly damaging event (like a bad storm), you should have the door removed and replaced as soon as possible. Leaving it untouched can open up an unsafe environment for anyone nearby, especially children. You should also have the door removed and replaced quickly to evaluate whether or not there has been further damage caused to your home.

Have further questions or are just unsure if you’re looking at a “repair” or “replace” issue? Let the experts at Tempe Garage Door Repair be your guide! Contact us today or visit our Tempe location to learn more about our repair services and how we can help you get the garage door of your dreams.

Benefits of the STEELHOUSE™ Carriage House Door

The STEELHOUSE™ Carriage House Door will have an immediate impact on the curb appeal of any home. The available designs of the STEELHOUSE™ Door brings the traditional look and design of the old style wood carriage door without the problems that were once associated with the older wood door. At half the cost, half the weight, and with a maintenance free exterior, you cannot make a better investment in your home’s exterior appearance.

Complete the look of your new STEELHOUSE™ Carriage House Garage Door with the color and style of WoodTones. Get the look of a solid wood door with the maintenance-free durability and strength of steel. The natural beauty and warmth of wood will give your home greater curb appeal and value.

The Only Door With All Steel Insulated Overlay Boards. The original STEELHOUSE® door is an innovative, all-steel carriage door, manufactured entirely of steel. The STEELHOUSE® garage doors have two-sided steel insulated facing boards that are textured, roll formed and laminated to steel backers and then mechanically fastened and bonded to a 23 gauge steel section. A Reinforced Integral Truss System (RITSTM) gives the STEELHOUSE® doors strength and rigidity that is unmatched by similar products. In addition to their distinctive style and curb appeal, the STEELHOUSE® doors are half the weight and cost of most wooden doors. Virtually maintenance-free, the STEELHOUSE® doors will not warp, crack, or split. Quite simply, it doesn’t get better than that.

Are LED Lights The Culprit?

Have you been having issues with your garage door opener? Has your door not been opening properly? Do you happen to have LED lights installed in your garage? Although not all LED lights are a problem, they can become a problem when not properly shielded. It is important to stick to popular brands so ensure quality performance.

Q: I would like to thank your reader who told you about the garage door opener that did not work properly. I was facing the same problem. I did everything he did to get the door to work, new remotes, change the batteries, etc. Your reader said that he had installed LED lightbulbs in the garage as I had done and wondered if they were interfering with the remotes trying to open the doors. Well I replaced all my LED lightbulbs with regular bulbs and for two weeks now no problems with opening or closing my garage door, thanks to your column.

— R.L., Chicago

A: It warms our cold little heart to hear that our advice has helped more than only one reader. Just to clarify, not all LED lights are the problem. Only those that are not properly shielded. Stick to popular name brands and your garage door should behave normally when you press the remote.

Q: My Honda CR-V runs fine except for a nervous idle at stops when the A/C is on. If I just press the accelerator slightly, increasing the rpm by maybe 100, the idle is smooth. Two mechanics have diagnosed it as bad motor mounts, but they don’t guarantee this is the problem. If the idle speed could be increased, I would be happy. Can I tweak the cable at the idle air valve to make this happen?

— E.K., Dolton, Ill.

A: Nope. The idle is controlled by the engine control module, which activates the idle air control valve. No amount of mechanical tinkering can adjust the idle speed.

Q: I am a retired senior and I own a 2004 Subaru Outback Sport. Since retirement, I only put about 800 miles per year on my vehicle. The car is garage kept. How often should there be an oil change?

— M.K., Chicago

A: Subaru suggests changing the oil and filter every 7,500 miles or 7.5 months. But since your annual mileage is so low, we would recommend you change the oil yearly. For turbocharged engines, cut that schedule in half.

Q: I recently brought my 2016 Prius V into the dealership for its 30,000-mile maintenance. The service rep said it should have its fuel injectors cleaned, among other things. I agreed as I’m trying to be better than I have been at meeting the scheduled requirements. While trying to make sense of my owner’s manual/maintenance guide I haven’t really been able to see this service on the list of required maintenance and wonder if I’ve wasted money.

— R.H., Westchester, Ill.

A: We would not say that you wasted your money. Fuel injectors can become clogged, or at least somewhat restricted, over time. Regular cleaning can prevent this. But we think that cleaning them at such low mileage may be unnecessary, especially if you use good gasoline. If you are in doubt which brands are good, look for a sign that they are Top Tier fuels. You can also find a list at

Send questions along with name and town to Motormouth, Rides, Chicago Tribune; 160 N. Stetson Ave., Third Floor; Chicago, IL 60601 or


Emergency Backup Garage Batteries

A California bill is headed to the governor that states all new garage doors operate effectively during power outages. This came directly after the October wildfires which led to deaths of individuals who were trapped in their garages. The bill will not require existing homeowners to install new openers or add backup batteries to their existing units.

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Burglar Breaks Into Home With Garage Door Opener

With burglars and home invaders taking to garage doors to enter a home, it is important that you make sure the door to your garage is locked! It is vital that you are double checking that your car doors are locked as well. This makes for an easy entrance through any garage if you keep your opener stored in your vehicle. Visit our website for more information on the newest garage door technology. We want to help keep you safe!

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How to improve the security on your garage door

Just because your garage door closes properly each time you use it does not mean that it is 100% safe from intruders. Overlooking your garage door can be detrimental to the overall safety of your home. Taking preventative measures is the easiest way to ensure that your garage door is secure. Check out these simple yet effective tips on how to improve your garage door security.

As a homeowner, you would want to have that certain feeling of security in your households. You want to have the ability to effectively separate yourself from the outside world in order to feel safe and secure. But what if your home is not really that secured? What if there is a loophole that allows would-be criminals easy access? This is actually a recurring case for people who tend to overlook their garage door. This loophole, without taking proper preventive measures into consideration, can be an access point for those looking to steal from or, worse, harm you.

Below are simple yet effective tips that you should heed to ensure that both your garage door and garage are well-secured.

#1. Install a Robust Security System

When talking about the best line of defense, installing a security system is the best option. This must be installed in your garage and is connected directly to your home security system. As long as your system is set and someone tries to open the garage, the alarm will automatically sound and can even be set to alert emergency services for dispatch.

#2. Keep the Garage Door Opener With You

It is really not ideal for you to leave the garage door opener inside your car. If someone gains access to your vehicle and finds the opener, he now has easy access to your garage. You can invest in openers equipped with an app, so you can control the garage door with one click. And, as much as possible, do not leave it inside your vehicle. Keep it with you at all times.

#3. Install Motion Detector Lights

Unlike in the past, motion detector lights nowadays are quite affordable. Invest in this technology and add it as part of your overall security system. Motion detectors are basically infrared waves that can detect moving objects and body temperatures.

photo/ Champions Garage Door Repair

#4. Secure Your Garage Door at All Times

This seems to be a pretty straightforward tip, but most homeowners tend to neglect this part. Apart from keeping your garage door closed, you should also secure the door that leads to your house from the garage. The last thing you would want is for intruders to breach it in seconds and find their way inside your house.

#5. Perform Maintenance and Repairs

Regardless of how futuristic your garage door may be, it still requires maintenance and repairs from time to time. Check if its springs are in good working condition and make sure that they are properly attached. If, in some ways, your garage door is broken, seek the help of a professional garage door repair technician right away. You want it to be fully functional in order to veer away from intruders.

#6. Add Exterior Lighting

You also need to consider everything that is happening outside of your garage. If it is quite dark, then thieves will feel more comfortable approaching. Adding exterior lighting can be a powerful and effective way of preventing break-ins. Just simply install security lighting around your home’s exterior, but make sure it is of highest-quality. Also, this lighting system should cover the area near the garage door. It is definitely a huge deterrent that keeps your property secured.

#7. Lock Garage Door if You Are Away

Like it or not, a padlock can work as an added security in your garage. The idea is to lock the garage door with it if you are going to be gone for weeks or months. While your current security system is without a doubt top-notch, there is nothing wrong with adding more security such as a padlock.

#8. Use Timers

From leaving your house in a rush to your kids forgetting to push the button in your garage door opener remote, it is very likely for the garage door to be left open. And when it does, it automatically sends an invitation for anyone with a motive to come in. Sure, your memory is still sharp, but it is not best to solely rely on it. Instead, use a timer that tells your garage door opener to close the garage door in a certain amount of time. Interestingly, these timers are super easy to install on the door track. The keypad, on the other hand, can be connected to your garage’s opening/closing control.

#9. Go for a Solid Metal Door

Do you plan on replacing your traditional door? Or perhaps you have already scheduled a garage door repair service? In any case, you might want to consider installing a solid metal garage door. This is a surefire way of giving would-be criminals a tough time if they plan to gain access from your garage. Keep in mind that an old, saggy wooden door is prone to cracks which usually form at the bottom. This only makes it easier for burglars to break in.

#10. Cover the Windows

Obviously, you do not want thieves to have a look-see at what is inside your garage. You could have bikes, tools, gears, or car parts that you definitely want to protect. And if they see something valuable, which they will, they are likely to be encouraged to break in. Do not give them this opportunity and start covering your garage’s window. You can either tint or frost them, so thieves will have a hard time peeking through inside.

Keeping your garage door safe is a big step towards securing your entire house or property. The aforementioned tips are designed to help you do just that. Keep them mind at all times and, as much as possible, apply them.

Author: Rami F.