Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

When it comes to choosing the right garage door for your home, you’ll find there are a vast number of options from which to choose. Not only do you have to think about matching the style of your home, as well as the color, but there are many materials from which these doors are made, as well as special features, such as insulation. There are many benefits to choosing an insulated garage door over one that isn’t.

Temperature Control

An insulated garage door can help you keep the temperature in your garage more consistent throughout the year. In the hot summer months, your garage won’t heat up easily. Likewise, in the winter, your garage will stay warmer, allowing you to get into a warm car every morning. Even though most homes don’t have their heating and cooling system running into their garage. However, if you have an attached garage and don’t have an insulated garage door, you could be losing energy as heat or cool air escapes your home through the garage. Garage doors are also opened and closed frequently, which can let the extreme temperatures from the outside into your home.

Additional Living Space

Not everyone uses their garage to store their vehicles, tools or lawn care equipment. If you need more living space in your home, the garage can be the perfect place to avoid having ot add onto your home. Whether you need a playroom for the kids, an art studio, a gym or any other type of room, if you renovate your garage to meet those needs, you should have an insulated garage door to help dampen the sound from outside and keep the temperature steady. Even if you choose to use the garage as a storage unit for unused items, temperature control is a valuable asset.

Noise Cancellation

Another great benefit of choosing an insulated garage door is the noise cancellation properties. Most garages let in a lot of the background noise from cars on the street, lawnmowers and more. In addition, garage doors are notorious for making a lot of noise when they open and close. However, insulated garage doors make less noise overall, allowing you to keep peace in the home, especially if you often go in and out in the early morning or late at night.

Improved Functionality

For those who choose to use their garage for something other than the traditional uses of storing cars and other outdoor items, an insulated garage door ensures the area can be used in comfort. Not only does an insulated garage door maintain the temperature more easily, bu tit also has added strength a regular garage door just doesn’t have. These doors ensure your garage is more secure and will protect everything inside from the elements more effectively. It also helps ensure your entire home is secure by reducing the risk of a break in through this pathway.

Your garage can have many uses, which is why it’s so important to choose carefully when it comes to your garage door. With all of the options availalbe, an insulated garage door is often the best choice.

Keep Bugs and Pests Out Of Your Garage

Bugs and other pests aren’t fun in any part of your home, but they can be particularly frustrating in your garage. After all, if you’re like many people you may feel that there’s little you can do about this situation thanks to your garage’s openness to the outdoors. Insects and all kinds of other little critters seek out garages at all times of the year, but particularly during very hot or very cold temperatures as a means of shelter. 

But you don’t have to just learn to live with it. There are actually a variety of measures you can take to both remove pests from your garage and help prevent new ones from entering. Here’s a quick guide:

Keep Your Garage Clean

One of the most important things you can do in keeping your garage bug-free is to keep the space clean. This is a great time to go through items and get rid of things you don’t use. Reducing the amount of loose items in your garage will take away shelter spots for pests, and they are less likely to hang out in there when they don’t have places to hide. Likewise, it’s a good idea to avoid storing any food in there that isn’t inside a fridge, cooler or other sealed container. 

Use Smart Storage Solutions

Pets tend to find their way inside cardboard boxes all too easily, so it’s a good idea to start storing your items in plastic storage containers. These will also help reduce clutter and take away places for insects and bugs to hide. Building shelves and keeping storage elevated will also help in reducing accessible hideaways, and it will also help you keep the space clean. 

Patch Up Cracks

While many pests enter through your garage door opening itself, it’s very possible that they are getting in through other means. After cleaning your garage, inspect carefully for any cracks, holes or gaps along the walls, the garage door or even the foundation itself. Be sure to check the ceiling and around any windows as well. In most cases, you can fill up any holes or cracks with silicone caulk, though more serious damage may require professional attention. 

Consider Traps

More serious bug problems may warrant the use of traps alongside the perimeters of your garage, including near any potential entryways. Just be sure not to set them anywhere that you (or anyone else) may accidentally step on them. You may also want to consider spraying pesticides along walls and windowsills. Keep in mind that if you are experiencing different kinds of pests (say, silverfish and mice), you may need to employ different kinds of traps at once. 

Update Your Garage Door

The average garage door does not offer much protection against pests (or even human intruders, for that matter). It’s worthwhile looking into one that’s more secure, especially if you still have the original one your house came with or one that is decades old. There are a lot of different garage doors available today, and many have tighter seals and thicker barriers against bugs, insects, and small animals. You can even have one custom-fitted to your home to ensure there are no gaps when it is shut. 

If you don’t want a totally new door, it’s still a good idea to have your current door looked at. Small areas of wear and tear can be fixed up, while weather stripping can be replaced. 

Ensure Your Garage Door Is Secure

So many homeowners spend a great deal of time and money, working on securing their home with hi-tech security systems, but forget the critical step of also securing your garage. Below are some crucial steps homeowners can take to make sure their garage door is secure. 

Install a timer 

People are so busy these days; it is very easy to forget to close your garage door. It is possible to install a timer so that it will automatically close after a certain amount of time. You can pick the amount of time that best fits your needs and also turn it off temporarily if you need to leave the door open for a longer period of time. Timers are very easy to install, so no need to hire a professional. 

Block the windows 

While it is nice to have windows in your garage to allow natural light, they are also an easy way for burglars to see if you have expensive tools or other items in the garage to steal. Installing blinds are a great way to be able to block potential thieves from looking in. If you are working in the garage, you can easily open the blinds to let in some light. If you do not want to spend money on blinds for the garage, you can also opt to frost the window. Frosting windows is affordable, and it will still allow in some natural light. 

Secure the doors 

While the obvious door to secure is the garage door itself, some people forget it is just as essential to secure the side door on the garage or the door that leads into the house. The doors to the garage should be secured with the same high-quality lock that is on the front door of your home. If you do not use the side door on the garage, often be sure to double-check that it is locked regularly. 

Install motion sensor outdoor lights 

Another great way to deter thieves away from your garage is by installing motion sensor lights. These lights are affordable and easy to install. If a thief approaches your garage, they will immediately be startled by the bright light. It is also a great way to light the way for you in the dark. 

Install an indoor lock

If you travel regularly, it is wise to install a second lock on the inside of the door. In the event a thief can break through the exterior lock, they will be stopped in their tracks by the interior lock. While an internal lock is not convenient to use every day, it will give you peace of money while you are on vacation. 

Be cautious with your garage remote. 

It is very easy to leave you remote out for a  thief to see. It is essential to get in the habit of storing your garage remote in a non-visible area. If you can get a small remote that is attaches to your keychain, that is a great way to secure your remote. 

Install a door viewer 

A door viewer is a great way to make sure you never come face to face with a thief. If you get home and suspect someone is in the garage, you can look through the viewer and notify the police.