Garage Door Section Replacement

If you have a damaged door, sometimes it’s possible to replace one or two sections instead of the entire door, saving you time and money. We can actually replace one section without needing to disassemble your door saving you money on labor. Anything over two sections though we usually recommend replacing the door because it typically ends up costing the same and with a new door comes a new warranty.

Please keep in mind when calling that most doors over 10 years of age no longer have replacement sections available because either the stamp, meeting rail, or company has changed or the model is no longer made. (If you have an Anozira door there are unfortunately no parts available any longer as they have not produced materials since being sold a decade ago) Additionally, it is very difficult for us to quote over the phone so if you would like a phone quote as opposed to a FREE estimate please have the following information ready (Remember, there is no such thing as “standard” with garage doors):

  • 1. Door Width
  • 2. Door Height
  • 3. Height Of The Section That Needs Replaced
  • 4. Which Section (Bottom, Top, or Intermediate)
  • 5. Door Brand
  • 6. Door Design (Long, Short, Flush)
  • 7. Door Model
  • 8. Door Color

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