Our Testimonials

  • Patti

    I’ve used higher end companies to service my boss’s place. But I keep going back to Lincoln. I’ve used them personally on and off for almost 20 years. I made a service call for my boss’s place with Lincoln last week. It was scheduled for today. There was a bit of a fiasco because my phone number had been written down one number off. When the tech, Chris,  finally got in touch with me, he worked with me on a time that would work for my 30 minute commute. He was there when I expected him, efficient as he could be and double-checked his work before he left with the payment. This place will help you find the remote you need and tell you in 4 steps how to make it work with your opener. They have visual set-ups in their shop to show you … just can’t say enough good stuff about these folks. Keep doing what you’re doing Lincoln!!!

  • Matthew

    I called Lincoln and talked with Jay about a replacement belt for my Opener. He rec amended I call Chamberlin directly to see if I can get one under warranty even though my opener was made in 1999 and I’m not the original purchaser. To my surprise, Chamberlin is sending me a new belt for FREEEEE!!!!  Thank you Jay. You saved me $100!!! Thank God there are still people in the world who run their businesses with honesty and integrity!

  • Dustin

    Fair market prices. technician showed up on time, was professional, and efficient.

  • Scott

    I have to agree with the others- excellent company.  I used them before to do a garage door maintenance I bought through AAA.  The worker at that time told me whomever installed my new door a few years ago put the wrong spring on and it would eventually be a problem.  Having already paid for the visit I said I would wait and see what happened.  Guess what, he was right, spring snapped and garage door becomes a wall.

    Decided to try them for repair since the other company I used apparently did not install it correctly.  I’m glad I did.  My wife called Friday morning, by the time I got home in the evening it was a functioning garage door again.  They even repaired/reinforced the track I screwed up forcing the door up to get my car out.  They accepted payment over the phone since we couldn’t get home in time.  Next time I need anything related to this they will be the first call I make.  Great service!!

  • Jesus

    First one to review? OK then. my garage door broke, after surfing the web a few minutes I was able to determine(with some certainty) it was the trolley. I pass this place all the time but didn’t know if they sell parts or just install new units. Went in the guy saw what I had in my hand from 10 feet away. Told me to throw it away and pulled a new one off the shelf. He showed me what had broke, gave me a 30 min install instruction, rang me up, and threw in a free pull and lube (not what you are thinking sicko, for the trolley). 5 mins later my garage door is working better than before. I like local businesses, but better yet businesses that know their shit. Online the guy paid $80 for the part and $120 for labor, I did mine for just a hair over $30.

  • Lee

    Oh my God!! This place is the best!!!  I called the other day because my Dad had a problem with his electric door opener. The guy could not be any more nicer or helpful on the phone. He explained everything about the opener, what to check, what to look for, etc. Told me what he thought the problem might be from his experience,( all over the phone ), most places don’t do this they just want to send a guy out for a service call.

    Lincoln Electric offered to test the electric board for FREE!! if I brought it in. So I did the next day I showed up & met the guy I talked to on the phone. His name is Bryan Bruner, The nicest guy ever!!!  He took his time, tested my board,  explained what he was doing and what should happen. Turns out my board was good, so Bryan tells me that its probably my wall switch or the wiring going from the opener to the wall switch, he says that he is almost 100 percent sure that there is a short in the wiring or in the switch. He then explains and shows me how to check at home, then he goes and gets a whole spool of wire and gives it to me, again for FREE!! He even offers me something to drink!!

    Bryan also tells me don’t be afraid to ask  for used parts instead of new to save on the cost.

    This place is a family run business, A GREAT ONE at that from what I’ve seen. If you have garage door opener problems give Bryan a call. I’ll be telling everyone I know about this place.

    As for my Dads problem I haven’t gone over to his place yet to try what Bryan told me to do. ( probably go tonight ) I’ll let you know Bryan if that fixed the problem.

    Thanks again Lincoln Electric for everything.

  • Ryan

    I work for an auto repair shop and Lincoln Garage Doors has serviced our bay doors when ever we have needed it. Their technicians always seem very professional and would never waste any time getting the service completed.

    Recently, at my house, as I would put the garage door down, one of the safeties would trigger and the door would go back up. I gave Lincoln a call and the very next day their technician came out. After doing a couple tests he determined that the springs were worn. With the technician having the correct springs in his truck, he was able to replace them in no time. The cost was lower than expected too. Great service!!! Great Price!!!

  • Lisa

    Kitchen on the Street (Phoenix based non-profit organization) is extremely grateful to Lincoln Electric Garage Doors for providing garage door maintenance on two doors in our recently purchased facility and for making 1 of those doors automatic. Lincoln Garage Doors has richly blessed Kitchen on the Street and the people we serve. THANK YOU!

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