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The Amazing Benefits of Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are a popular option for homeowners because they are versatile, affordable, and durable. If you are ready to replace your garage doors, you should consider some of the benefits that steel doors can give you and your family.

Enhanced Durability

Of all the possible materials you can choose from when you select a garage door, steel is one of the most durable. It will not warp or crack, is resistant to rust, cannot light on fire, and will not dent as easily. They also require less maintenance to keep their appearance.

They are Energy Efficient

The weatherstripping that is provided with steel garage doors keeps your garage from letting out heat or cold and can protect your garage from inclement weather. This means it will cost you less money to keep your home heated or cooled. The extra insulation also makes your garage a better home for your vehicles and other personal items as it will protect them from extreme temperatures.

Steel Doors Provide Added Security

It is much more difficult for someone to break into your garage if you have steel garage doors. Steel is tougher, so it takes more force to breach your garage doors, adding an added layer of protection to keep thieves away from your car and belongings.

Garage Doors Made of Steel Offer Flexibility to How to Use a Garage

Since you benefit from better insulation and protection from the weather, having steel garage doors makes it possible for you to use your garage for something other than a place to store a vehicle. You could create an office, workshop, or even a living space out of your garage because it will be kept cool in the summer and will remain heated during the winter months.

You are Not Limited to a Single Design Option

While you may believe that you can only get standard garage doors made from steel, it is possible to select carriage garage doors and other styles made with steel. These provide the look that you desire with the durability and energy efficiency that you require.

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Steel v. Aluminum Garage Doors

Looking to replace the garage doors on your property? If so, then you have many options to choose from. When it comes to garage door materials, there are two popular choices: steel and aluminum. Both materials come with some inherent advantages and potential drawbacks. By understanding the differences between these two garage door options, you can more confidently decide which is right for your home.

Benefits of Steel Garage Doors

The majority of garage doors manufactured and installed for residential use these days are made of steel. Many homeowners enjoy steel garage doors because they are available in a wide range of styles, making it easier for homeowners to find the door that best suits their tastes.

Meanwhile, steel garage doors are also extremely durable and can withstand elements like rain, high winds, and extreme temperatures without being easily damaged. Because of their strength and durability, steel garage doors require very little maintenance aside from occasional hosing down to keep them looking like new.

Oftentimes, steel doors are also made from recycled steel, making this a great option for buyers who want to be environmentally conscious.

Benefits of Aluminum Garage Doors

Another option to consider is an aluminum garage door, which is made of a lighter material. One of the biggest advantages of an aluminum garage door is its lower cost when compared to steel. The lighter weight of this type of door also makes it easier and less time-consuming to install, which can reduce labor costs. All of this makes aluminum garage doors a popular choice for those who are on a budget.

Aluminum is also naturally resistant to rust and corrosion, which makes it a smart choice in garage door material for those who live in humid or otherwise moist climates. On a steel door, you would need to have a protective coating applied to achieve the same rust resistance.

Like steel doors, aluminum doors require very little maintenance aside from routine cleaning to get rid of unwanted debris.

Which is Right For You?

Ultimately, the garage door material that is right for you will depend on many factors, including your budget and the exact look you’re going for. If you’re on a tight budget, you will probably want to start by shopping for aluminum garage doors. If you’re more concerned about longevity and durability, then you may want to spend a little more money on a steel door.

No matter which type of garage door you end up choosing, our team at Lincoln Electric Garage Door Co. is here to help with extensive product knowledge and competitive pricing. Contact us today to find out more about our residential garage door options or to schedule your free quote!

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Elevate Your Curb Appeal with a Full View Aluminum Garage Door

Did you know that the average garage door should last between 15 and 30 years? Take a moment to check out how old your home is and ask yourself, “When did I have my garage door serviced last?”

More than just an entrance to the home, a professionally installed and maintained aluminum garage door can provide a range of benefits to the homeowner as well as the surrounding community.

For homeowners looking to improve their home through the installation of a full-view aluminum garage door, keep on reading to find out key benefits and advantages.

Boost Your Home’s Value With a New Garage Door

While we typically conflate aluminum with industrial or warehouse applications, the facts are simple that aluminum garage doors make sense from a property value perspective. A professionally installed full-view aluminum garage door can create a clean, stylish, and modern look that invites the right kind of attention from local onlookers!

Consider the fact that a third of your home’s curbside appeal is beholden to the garage door itself. Whether you are selling a property or renovating your own, consider starting with a simple garage door installation to get the ball rolling.

Create a Unique and Customized Garage Door

Teams like Lincoln Door of Tempe, AZ, can offer meticulously crafted and customized aluminum garage doors. One of the main reasons people love aluminum garage doors is that they offer the ultimate range of flexible options.

When selecting custom features to incorporate into your full-view aluminum garage door, consider a few of the following concepts.

  • Powder Coating Finish — Extend the lifespan of your door with a powder-coated finish for longevity.
  • Clear Glass Optional — Clear glass installed into your garage door can provide access for light to enter the garage.
  • Privacy Glass Available — Maybe you want your garage door to allow for light while remaining private. If that is the case, consider installing tinted, translucent, or frosted glass panels.
  • Decorative Panels/Frames — Customization is the norm with aluminum glass doors because there are so many decorative panes and panels available, pending the style of door you are looking for.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Outdated garage doors aren’t only an eyesore, they are often a source of energy loss. With a newly installed aluminum full-view garage door, you can also ask for the proper insulation to increase your energy leak prevention. Insulation works well with aluminum doors to keep heat and cold away from the interior of your garage.

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Misconceptions About Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage house style garage doors give a vintage, classic look that many people admire. However, many people choose not to install them due to confusion over function and compatibility. If you are interested in carriage house style doors, you should know these facts when you are considering your purchase.

Carriage House Doors are Energy Efficient

You may have heard that carriage house garage doors are less efficient than overhead garage doors. When they were first introduced, this would have been true. But over 120 years later, the modern versions of these doors equal or exceed the energy efficiency of overhead doors.

You Can Install an Automatic Door Opener

A lot of people choose to avoid carriage house doors because they believe they cannot be compatible with garage door openers. However, there are numerous ways that you can have these doors set up to open with a garage door opener. You can even purchase overhead doors that have the carriage house look if you would prefer the function of an overhead door paired with the classic carriage house look.

Wood is Not the Only Available Material

Original carriage house garage doors were constructed of wood, leading many people to believe that they can only find wooden versions. The reality is that you can choose from a variety of materials that are still constructed to deliver the look you seek. The most popular materials include fiberglass, steel, vinyl, or aluminum.

Electing to have your carriage house doors made from one of these materials can cut down on the amount of regular maintenance needed. With wooden doors, you would need to stain or paint them regularly in order to manage the natural weathering that occurs. If you really want the true look of wood without the upkeep, you can opt for wood composite doors.

Carriage House Doors are Suitable for Multiple Car Garages

Another common misconception is that you can only install carriage house doors if you have a one-car garage. The truth is that it does not matter what size your garage is. Carriage house doors can be customized to fit any type of garage. Whether you want larger doors or separate doors for each car, you are able to find a design that fits your needs.

Learn More About Our Available Doors and Service

Lincoln Door has been serving the Tempe area since 1967. Whether you are looking to upgrade or repair your existing garage doors, or wish to have new ones installed, we are happy to help you are a reasonable price. To learn more about our available carriage house style door designs, call us at 602-955-4144 today.

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Benefits of Automatic Sliding Doors

When it comes time to install new entryway doors at your place of business, one option to consider is that of automatic doors. Specifically, automatic doors are designed with sensors that can trigger automatic opening and closing as pedestrian foot traffic approaches.

There are many benefits to installing automatic sliding doors at your place of business, ranging from enhanced flow of foot traffic to improved safety.

Improve Traffic Flow

Because these doors open and close automatically, they can help make traffic flow in and out of your building much more efficient than manual doors. This is especially true in situations where people may have their hands full or otherwise occupied when entering/existing your store (such as while pushing a shopping cart). And because the openings on automatic sliding doors tend to be wider than your typical standalone door, you can get more people in and out of your building at once.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Depending on your industry and where your business is located, it’s also worth noting that automatic entryway doors might be required by law. This is most often the case when it comes to providing easy access for disabled people to enter your building as per the regulations outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). By installing automatic doors, you can improve accessibility and avoid potential non-compliance fines or penalties in the process.

Maximize Safety

Today’s automatic sliding doors are safer than ever before. Many are equipped with special sensors that can prevent doors from closing when there are pedestrians in the way. If you’ve been skeptical about installing automatic doors due to safety concerns, you’ll be happy to know that the innovative technology used in today’s automatic door designs are essentially fail-proof. This means people visiting your place of business can enjoy maximum safety when entering or exiting your store.

Shopping for Automatic Sliding Doors?

If you’re interested in having automatic sliding doors installed at your place of business, you can trust the experienced team at Lincoln Electric Garage Door Co. Contact us today to explore your door options and find out more about us!

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3 Reasons You Need a Security Grill For Your Business

Many business owners just underestimate the value of a security grill. Security grills can deter criminals from a business property. Business property crimes total over $15 billion in losses just about every year. Business owners are at risk for theft, arson and burglaries to their property. Companies are at risk with their physical security, personnel security, the locational security and information security. And physical security is the most common. By installing a security grill, companies can lower the risk of these threats. There are three main advantages of installing a security grill for your business property.

The Three Main Advantages of Installing a Security Grill for Businesses

Keeping your business property safe requires personnel and equipment. Security guards, cameras, alarm systems and lighting are needed to deter criminals.These measures prevent criminals from having easy access to your business property.

  1. The first advantage of installing a security grill for your business property is property protection. Business owners need to make their property difficult to break into and a security grill makes it difficult for criminals. You can prevent your goods from being stolen, damage to the property and proprietary information from being stolen by installing a security grill. Security grills are placed on the inside of the business building windows.And you can still use your windows with a security grill.
  2. The second advantage of installing a security grill for your business property is that you will save on your business insurance premiums.With a security grill, the insurance company will know that you have taken measures to protect your property from crime. Therefore, your insurance costs will be lower.Plus, you’ll save money by not reporting a claim to your business insurance company.Whenever you report a claim to an insurance company, your premiums automatically increase.Simply put, installing a security guard saves you money in the long run.This way, you have more cash flow to keep your business in operation.
  3. Thirdly, a security grill will add to the ambience of your business property.There are many different security grill designs to choose from that are very attractive. For example, you can install a lattice design security grill or a horizontal design security grill.Both are attractive features that just make your business property look more beautiful.And security grills are easy to maintain. You can do the maintenance yourself.There’s no need to hire a professional to do it for you.

It’s always wise for businesses to take preventative measures than to have to solve a problem once it has occurred. A pound of prevention is always worth more than a pound of cure.

If you would like to ramp up security for your business property, consider installing a security grill today. Contact us today for an estimate. You’ll be glad you did!


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Creative Ways to to Improve Your Garage Wall Space

An unfinished ceiling, dim lighting and a grey concrete floor don’t exactly make your garage look its best. It’s just unattractive to the eye. But, there are plenty of ways that you can make your garage more aesthetic and functional. Take a look at some of these ideas that will transform your garage into something beautiful.

Drywall the Garage

Most garages are insulated but there are always those framing studs and exposed insulation that makes it look unappealing. Go ahead and drywall the garage for a more finished look. You’ll be able to cover up those studs, electrical wiring and the HVAC’s piping system. Not only will your garage look more finished, but you’ll also be improving your home’s energy efficiency. Plus, drywall makes it easier to add storage systems and decorate the garage walls. If you don’t like drywall, other options include fiberglass reinforced panels and wallboard panels.

Grab a Can of Paint

Once you’ve hung the drywall, it’s time to grab a can of paint. Dress up the walls with a fresh coat of paint. Lighter colors work well in a garage, such as grey, tan and beige. You can also add a pop of color with bolder colors, too. Before you choose your colors, factor in the cabinetry, floors and slatwall. If it’s done right, paint can some visual interest to your garage.

Install a Slatwall Storage System

Slatwall panel systems provide hanging storage space and give the garage a nice clean look. There are a variety of shelves, baskets and racks that come with this type of system to help the garage look organized and also to maximize space. You can even choose from different colors for a slatwall storage system. In the end, a slatwall storage system is a decorative garage wall feature.

Invest in a Custom Cabinet System

Custom cabinet systems are wall-mounting and give the unit a floating look. It’s a smart way to make better use of space. These systems give you good storage space for power tools, garden supplies, and hand tools. A custom cabinet system will give your garage a professional look. Plus, they last a lot longer than one you purchase in a store.

Install Wall Lighting

Wall lighting around the perimeter of the garage not only gives you more light to see within the garage, but it gives the garage a high-end, appealing look. Consider adding LED lights throughout the garage to give the walls to perk up the appearance inside your garage.

Create a Mini Workspace Using a Folding Workbench

A wall-mounted folding workbench is totally functional. It works well if the garage is small and you don’t want to spend the money on a custom cabinet system. It’ll give you that much needed extra space.


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How to Choose the Best Garage Door For You

When picking out a garage door, it’s wise to know the different materials. This way, you can pick the best one for your needs. Here’s a short outline of what each material is and how it compares to others.


Wood is an old-time classic and traditional. You can find them in many appealing styles. Some even come with decorative windows. A cost-effective option is a painted wood door with hardboard panels. Stain-grade styles cost more but offer the beauty of natural wood. Plus, the look of natural woods gives the home curb appeal. Wood is a very good insulator but needs to be refinished and maintained on a regular basis.

Wood Composite

Wood composite doors are fabricated with recycled wood fibers. You get the look and texture of real wood. In comparison to wood garage doors, composite doors are great when it comes to splitting and rot. These doors can be either stained or painted.


Steel is a common material for garage doors. There are many benefits to a steel garage door, including low maintenance, reasonably priced, very durable and a variety of styles. Steel is available in a texture that looks just like wood, and steel doors can also be painted any color you like. It’s best to go with a steel door that has at least 24 gauge. That’s a top-quality steel garage door. Just keep in mind that steel doors are not the best insulators and don’t withstand impact like that of a basketball.


Fiberglass garage doors are less popular than those made of wood or steel. The panels are encased in aluminum frames. Fiberglass garage doors can be painted and are somewhat resistant to dents. It’s very resistant to salt-water corrosion than most of the other garage door materials. So, if you live on the coast, fiberglass garage doors just may be the best choice for you. Just know that it is a poor insulator and can fade with weather exposure.


Aluminum garage doors are a lot like steel garage doors. But, they’re lighter and less expensive. You can find them with long-lasting finishes and optional faux wood texturing. The downside is that aluminum garage doors are more likely to dent than other materials.

Don’t hesitate to contact Lincoln Door today for all of your garage door needs or questions! We are here for you!

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The Differences in Garage Door Springs

Your garage door’s springs play a very important role in the smooth opening and closing of the door itself. Specifically, these springs are designed to counteract the forces of gravity on your garage door, making it easier for the motor to open and close the door—and also making it possible for you to open and close the door manually in the event of a power outage.

Still, not all garage door springs are the same. There are two main types: torsion and extension springs. By understanding the differences between each and how to know when your springs need replacing, you can take better care of your home’s garage doors.

Torsion Springs

A torsion spring is located inside a metal shaft that is located above the garage door opening itself. The main function of this type of spring is to ensure that weight is distributed equally along the garage door drums as the door opens and closes.

There are a few different kinds of torsion springs, including early-set, torque-master, and standard torsion springs. While they all operate in more-or-less the same way, the standard torsion spring is most commonly used in residential garage doors.

Depending on the weight and size of the garage door, there may be one or two of these springs used in a residential garage door.

Extension Springs

Another type of garage door spring is known as an extension spring. This type of spring works by storing energy while extended and expending energy while compressed. In a typical residential garage door, there will be an extension spring installed on either side of the door to ensure even tension and weight distribution during open and closing.

Just as there are different types of torsion springs, there are also different types of extension springs. The most common in residential garage doors is the open-looped spring, although double-looped springs are also used in situations where more strength is needed.

When to Replace Springs

Most springs on a garage door will be rated by the manufacturer to last for a certain number of cycles (usually around 10,000) before needing to be replaced. In most cases, you can expect a standard garage door spring on a residential door to last anywhere from four to six years with an average use of several times per day. Of course, if you use your garage door less often or more often, your results may vary.

If your garage door uses extension springs, keep in mind that when one spring goes bad, you’ll need to replace both of them at once to ensure proper operation. With a torsion spring, on the other hand, you may only need to replace one spring if your door only requires one spring to open and close.

Always Hire a Professional

You should never attempt to replace a garage door spring yourself. These springs carry a large amount of stored energy when under tension and can cause serious injury if you don’t have the proper experience and knowledge.

Working with a garage door specialist is always the best and safest way to have your existing garage door springs removed and replaced. From there, you can expect your new springs to last for many years to come before needing to be replaced again. Contact our garage door professionals today to schedule your spring replacement!

Garage with Fall Leaves

Tips to Maintain your Garage in the Fall

Now that the leaves are starting to change and the weather is going to start getting cooler, you should start making your garage ready for the fall and winter months. This is the time of year when pests start looking for a place to hide out during the cold months, so maintaining your garage not only makes it neat, but it discourages pests from making it their home.

Maintenance for Mechanical Parts

The last thing you want to do is to have to repair your garage door when it’s cold or rainy. You can prevent a lot of trouble if you maintain the door. During the fall, check the seals to make sure they are tight and are not dry rotted. The seals will keep the weather out, and will go a long way in keeping pests out.

If the springs are not working, your door is not working. Make sure the springs are not sagging or damaged. If they are, replace them. Old or damaged springs could snap when the temperature fluctuates.

To increase your garage door’s lifetime, grease the bushing, roller, springs and the hinges. This will keep them working smoothly throughout the rest of the year.

Declutter Your Garage

When you have a lot of clutter in your garage, you also create lots of hiding places for pests. And, if you want to put your car inside during inclement weather, it just won’t fit. Some people walk in with good intentions, but then walk back out because they don’t know where to start.

If you have storage in your garage, start cleaning out the storage areas. Make three piles in the middle of the garage: A keep it pile, a give it away or sell it pile, and a throw it away pile.

Go through your storage and put everything you want to get rid of in the keep or sell/give away pile. You’ll have more room in your storage cabinets and shelving. Arrange what you are keeping neatly and take stock of the extra space you have – you’ll need some of it for the next part of the job.

Pick a side. Move everything on that side into one of the three piles, even if you are keeping it. If the donation and trash piles are getting too big, take a break and take the trash pile to the trash and the donation pile to your favorite charity.

Sweep the side you emptied, then put the things you are keeping back in place. If you have some small items, put them in cabinets or on shelves. Work the rest of the garage in the same manner, being sure to sweep and clean up any cobwebs and dirt on each wall.

If you have additional space, you can leave it empty or you can add more storage. Also, if you have several like items that are small, consider storing them in plastic tubs with lids on shelves or stacked neatly in a corner.

Create a place to hang garden implements such as rakes and shovels. You can use peg board or get a rolling caddy made for holding tools with long handles. Once you clean the middle of the floor out, sweep it out and then survey your handiwork.