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Benefits of Automatic Sliding Doors

When it comes time to install new entryway doors at your place of business, one option to consider is that of automatic doors. Specifically, automatic doors are designed with sensors that can trigger automatic opening and closing as pedestrian foot traffic approaches.

There are many benefits to installing automatic sliding doors at your place of business, ranging from enhanced flow of foot traffic to improved safety.

Improve Traffic Flow

Because these doors open and close automatically, they can help make traffic flow in and out of your building much more efficient than manual doors. This is especially true in situations where people may have their hands full or otherwise occupied when entering/existing your store (such as while pushing a shopping cart). And because the openings on automatic sliding doors tend to be wider than your typical standalone door, you can get more people in and out of your building at once.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Depending on your industry and where your business is located, it’s also worth noting that automatic entryway doors might be required by law. This is most often the case when it comes to providing easy access for disabled people to enter your building as per the regulations outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). By installing automatic doors, you can improve accessibility and avoid potential non-compliance fines or penalties in the process.

Maximize Safety

Today’s automatic sliding doors are safer than ever before. Many are equipped with special sensors that can prevent doors from closing when there are pedestrians in the way. If you’ve been skeptical about installing automatic doors due to safety concerns, you’ll be happy to know that the innovative technology used in today’s automatic door designs are essentially fail-proof. This means people visiting your place of business can enjoy maximum safety when entering or exiting your store.

Shopping for Automatic Sliding Doors?

If you’re interested in having automatic sliding doors installed at your place of business, you can trust the experienced team at Lincoln Electric Garage Door Co. Contact us today to explore your door options and find out more about us!

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